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Fulcrum Exploration

Fulcrum Exploration, LLC is a Texas based independent oil and gas company experienced in exploration and production.

The company is actively developing its producing properties and is engaged in efforts to acquire additional undeveloped leaseholds. Fulcrum’s operational experience also includes successfully reworking mature fields to recover additional reserves and prolong production.

Fulcrum's Main Objectives

  • Continue to develop current producing properties
  • Continue to acquire potentially productive undeveloped lease acreage
  • Continue acquisition research for undervalued producing properties with reserve potential

Management Expertise

Production Supervision

Drilling, Testing and Completion, Recompletion and Recovery of Behind-Pipe Reserves, Downhole Workovers, Enhanced Production Activities, Exploration, Development and Infill Drilling, as well as all Normal Field Operations

Operations Management

Geological & Geophysical, Lease Acquisition, Permits, Operator Bonds, Insurance, Reserves, Records, Production Filings, Consultant Services, Contract Equipment and Service Personnel

Financial Management

Budget, Accounting, Internal Controls, Tax, A/R, A/P, Working Interest and Royalty Distribution


Derek Jensen

LLC Manager, President
Director of Field Operations

Mr. Jensen is experienced in oil and gas production and business development. His expertise focuses on planning and managing all field operations to include contract drilling and service companies, working with engineers, geologists and landmen. He is also experienced in lease acquisition. Mr. Jensen attended Texas Tech University.

Michael Graham

LLC Manager, Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Graham received his B.B.A. in Management from Texas A&M University and his M.B. A. from Southern Methodist University. He is experienced in business development and financial management. His expertise focuses on the financial management of day-to-day operations and long range planning.

Johann (Joe) Garwood

LLC Manager, Vice President
Director of Corporate Operations

Mr. Garwood learned oil and gas operations from his father who owned and operated Garma Oil Company, an independent producer. Upon graduation from Purdue's Agricultural Engineering program, he served 21 years with DuPont. His expertise ensures all assets are safeguarded and core business functions are accurately and timely performed.

Current Field Operations

Fulcrum operates producing leases in both Tillman County and Jackson County Oklahoma.

  • Phone: 214-513-7610
  • Fax: 972-874-2415